Adam R. Pope


As an academic, I am trained in research in Rhetoric and Composition as well as Technical and Professional Writing. Much of my work exists somewhere within the intersection of Technical Writing, Business Communication, and Computers and Writing. I am particularly interested in organizational writing and systems that maintain writing. My published work has hewed closely to these themes, covering contents from the ethics of CMS choice to the ethical implications of ad targeting on Facebook. Throughout my work, the ethics of professional writing remains central in my own framing, and often in the texts I create.

A Note on Open Source and Open Access

Whenever possible, I strive to create work that is open-source or open-access. I believe that the sharing of information is essential to scholarship and society, and that artificial paywalls and limits to access are detrimental. As such, the majority of my scholarship targets venues that are open-access and many of my projects offer open-source access to materials when possible. I am not averse to publishing in paid-access journals when they house the conversations and communities I wish to engage with professionally, but I wish they could all be open-source journals.

Peer-Reviewed Publications

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(2018) "Understanding the Writing Demands of Crowdfunding Campaigns with the Genre Mapping Report." Business and Professional Communication Quarterly. Article DOI

(2018) with Sara E. West. "Corporate Kairos and the Impossibility of the Anonymous, Ephemeral Messaging Dream." Present Tense. Link to article

(2017) "Bloodstained, Unpacking the Affect of a Kickstarter Success." Present Tense. Link to article

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