Adam R. Pope

Welcome to the website of Dr. Adam R. Pope. I like to think of myself as a Christian, Husband, Father, Editor, Academic, Runner, Baker, and Terrible Guitarist.

This website is an amalgamation of my various interests, serving as a home for various projects and content that I've produced and maintain.

About Me

Professional History

I'm currently an assistant professor at the University of Arkansas in the Department of English. (As noted at the foot of my website, nothing on this page represents my employer or anyone else for that matter. This is just me.)

My intellectual history is that I earned a B.A. in English and an independent major in Spanish from Freed-Hardeman University in 2004, earned an M.A. in English from the University of Arkansas in 2006, and finished with a Doctor of Philosophy in English specializing in Rhetoric and Composition, Technical Writing, and Public Rhetorics, from Purdue University in 2013.

While I served as a grad student at Purdue, I developed an open-source LMS based on Drupal for the technical writing classroom and writing classroom more broadly. The archive of that project can be found on my Github.

When I arrived at the University of Arkansas, I developed a Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics while serving as a Visiting Assistant Professor for several years. In 2019, I was converted to an Assistant Professor and took over, temporarily, as the Writing Program Administrator. As of this writing, I'm still the WPA and directing my program as an Assistant Professor in 2021.

Currently, I'm working towards my tenure book project, with the full dataset currently complete and analysis and writing begun. I also have a couple of projects I'm concurrently pursuing with co-authors. I would share them, but I just don't really do that as a rule. I prefer to wait until things are published or fully accepted before talking about them.

Personal Bits

I like to think of myself as an overly educated redneck and all-around nerdy guy from West Tennessee. I am a married father of three, and currently parent two dogs, two cats, and am vaguely associated with five chickens.

I'm a hopeless tinkerer, but my main hobbies right now are running, baking, and guitar. I also have been trying my best to get back into making some simple Unity games. On the side, occasionally, I enjoy winding guitar pickups. I vastly prefer Fender-style single-coil designs. I've found the usability of Gibson-style P90s and Humbuckers to be atrocious from a maker perspective.