Part of my identity as a technical writer involves a steady stream of consulting projects that I’ve taken on in the past several years. I cut my teeth on technical writing projects while developing a custom LMS for technical writing while working as a graduate student at Purdue University and have translated that experience into a number of consulting areas over the past few years.

Below you can see a brief description of my work in each area followed by a short explanation of my project availability and selection process.

Technical Editing

Part of my consulting work involves technical editing projects. I provide editing services to authors and organizations looking to improve their final product before publication. Over the past several years I’ve worked on a number of projects of varying scales including:

  • Developmental editing on a book now published by Oxford University process
  • Copy Editing on numerous academic articles in a variety of disciplines
  • Developmental editing on academic articles to address journal style and length requirements
  • Copy Editing on faculty fellowship applications

Organizational Writing

I also work as a organizational writing consultant. This work can range from running workshops with key organizational staff to presenting as a featured speaker at conferences. Most recently I’ve worked with Ozark Guidance, a non-profit mental health provider in Northwest Arkansas.

While working with organizational writing and communication, I help organizations understand their current writing systems, the challenges they face, and when/where they can make changes to improve outcomes or prepare for new challenges.

Web Design

Most of my work in web design focuses on creating organizational web presences with content management systems, primarily Drupal. I have worked with WordPress in the past, and do help out with WordPress troubleshooting from time to time, but my heart belongs to Drupal when it comes to web writing. I do occasionally also work on HTML/CSS-based projects as well as hybrids like this very much work-in-progress site you’re reading right now.

Project Availability and Selection

As my main job as the director of a graduate program/being an academic takes a good deal of my time and because I do enjoy actually seeing and spending time with my family I screen projects before accepting them. If you are interested in learning more about the services I offer, my rates, or have a project you’d like to run by me, please don’t hesitate to reach out via email. I’m happy to chat about any projects you may be interested in collaborating on with me, but my participation is contingent on the schedule, size, and pace of the undertaking.