Dr. Adam R Pope

Professional History

Director, Graduate Certificate Program in Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics, University of Arkansas, 2014-present.
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas. Term: 2016-2019.
Visiting Assistant Professor, University of Arkansas. Term: 2013-2016.
Teaching Assistant, Purdue University, 2008-2013.
Teaching Assistant, University of Arkansas, 2006-2008.


PhD in English. Purdue University. August 2013.

  • Primary Area: Rhetoric and Composition
  • Secondary Areas: Technical and Professional Writing, Public Rhetorics

M.A. in English, University of Arkansas, August 2008.
B.A. in English, Individualized Major in Spanish, Freed-Hardeman University, August 2006.


Founder and Director of the Graduate Certificate of Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics, University of Arkansas, 2014-present.
As part of my initial appointment at the University of Arkansas I planned, proposed, and now run the Graduate Certificate in Technical Writing and Public Rhetorics. The program is designed to prepare students for transitioning into professional and technical writing as a profession or to help them supplement their existing career through increasing their technical writing skills. The program is fully online and asyncronous.


“Bloodstained: Unpacking the Affect of a Kickstarter Success.” Present Tense: A Journal of Rhetoric in Society. 2017.

“The Ethics of Adopting a Course Management System.” Computers and Composition Online. 2011.

Under Revision
“Understanding the Writing Demands of Crowdfunding Campaigns with the Genre Mapping Report.” Minor Requested resubmission planned for September 2017.

Course Development

ENGL 5513 Document Design for Technical Writers
Students learn the fundamentals of document design and document creation workflows from the perspective of a practicing professional writer. During the course they focus on creating documents that share complex technical information clearly, effectively, and appropriately for a given situation. Work in the course includes Adobe InDesign, Photoshop, and Illustrator. Starting in Fall 2017, guidance on using open source software alternatives will also be featured. No previous expertise needed.

ENGL 5523 Technical Writing for Online Audiences
Students learn the theoretical and practical skills needed to put together effective online texts that fit the genre expectations of a given publishing situation. As part of this process, students learn CSS and HTML from a writer’s perspective, specifically focusing on how they can use the web to effectively present written content. Starting in Fall 2018 the course will feature a persistent focus on the way social media impacts web writing. No previous expertise required.

ENGL 5533 Technical Writing Praxis
This topics course melds a broad introduction to technical writing theory with the application of that theory to a specific content area. In the first half of the course students study some of the major strands of thought in technical and professional writing and cover the rhetorical use of grammar and plain style. In the second half, they’ll apply the knowledge to the course’s chosen topic, with potential topics including grant and proposal writing, writing in the sciences, and writing in healthcare settings.

ENGL 5963 Technical Editing and User Experience Design
Students choose between two tracks: Technical Editing and User Experience Design. All students share a core set of readings that focus on professional and ethical issues for editors and user experience architects. In the technical editing track students build skills copyediting, proof reading, and doing comprehensive edits. In the user experience design track students audit existing user experiences, provide documentation for clients on carrying out user experience research, and propose a revision/creation of a user experience or service.

ENGL 4603 Composing for Kickstarter
In this special topics course students learn about the composing demands of crowdfunding, with a particular focus on the Kickstarter platform. During the course students build a toolset for analyzing crowdfunding campaigns before generating a plan for their own potential crowdfunding project.

Course Redevelopment

Undergraduate Technical Writing Sequence
As part of my work in technical and professional writing at the University of Arkansas I’m currently redesigning the undergraduate technical writing sequence. More information will be added here as the project comes into the piloting stage.

  • ENGL 1033 Technical Composition II
  • ENGL 2003 Advanced Composition
  • ENGL 3053 Technical and Report Writing

Professional Certification Course Development

Writing in Real Estate: Ethics and Professionalism
A six-hour online course that satisfies the Arkansas Real Estate Commission’s requirements for continuing education. Focuses on the role of technical and professional communication in the real estate profession.

Digital Projects

The Arkansas English Resource, University of Arkansas, 2017-present.
The AER is an online Drupal-driven collection of materials generated by the faculty and students of the Department of English for use by teachers and citizens in the state of Arkansas. Materials are designed for use in a high-school setting with podcasts, lesson plans, and general subject matter resources available. Under active development.

Digital Humanities Lab, University of Arkansas, 2017-present.
Proposed and currently overseeing the creation of a Digital Humanities lab space for use by graduate and undergraduate students as well as faculty in the Department of English. Space will provide equipment for the creation of podcasts, videos, screencasts, and digital publication. Under active development.

Open Professional Writing
Open Professional Writing is a Drupal-based learning management system developed for use at Purdue University for Technical and Professional Writing services courses. Though it is no longer under active development, a legacy copy is available on Github.

Content Author, TOWN, the Teen Online Writing Network, Purdue University
Worked as a content author for a Bill and Melinda Gates Foundation Grant project run by the Purdue OWL that looked to create an online writing space for high school students looking to transition as writers to the college composition classroom.

Conference Presentations

“Dialogic Design: Creating Customized Online Classroom Spaces through Dialogues of Design.” CPTSC, University of Colorado, Colorado Springs. September 2014.

“Building a Technical Writing Certificate: Melding and Meeting with the University and Community.”
CPTSC, University of Cincinnati. October 2013.

“The Open-Source CMS as a Tool for Program-Specific Teaching Environments.”
CPTSC, Michigan Tech. September 2012.

“Open Professional Writing Preview.”
Computers and Writing, NC State University. May 2012.

“Open Sourcing Course Sites.”
WIDE-EMU Unconference, Eastern Michigan University. October 2011.

“The Promise and Challenges of Creating TechnoPedagogic Community in an Age of CMS Ubiquity.” With Michael Salvo and Nick Carbone. Computers and Writing, University of Michigan. May 2011.

“Southern Rhetoric: an Investigation into Instruction in Rhetoric (and Composition) at the Nashville Bible School from 1895 to 1903.” Rhetoric Society of America, Minneapolis, MN. May 2010.

“i c wut u did thar: Identity in the World of Warcraft Forums.” Computers and Writing, Purdue University. May 2010.

Invited Presentations

Featured Speaker. “A Rhetorical Approach to Workplace Writing.” Fayetteville LAN Administrative Professionals Week Conference. April 2016.


Teaching Committee Committee, 2017-present
As part of this committee I helped evaluate and present the first annual English Department Teaching Excellence Award for graduate students, tenure-track faculty, and NTT faculty.

Technological Proficiencies

Design Software and Tools

  • Adobe InDesign
  • Adobe Illustrator
  • Adobe Photoshop
  • Camtasia
  • Snagit
  • Silverback
  • Basecamp
  • Unity Engine

Markup and Coding Languages

  • HTML5
  • CSS
  • Javascript, actively learning
  • C#, actively learning

Server Administration Experience

  • RHEL server
  • Ubuntu server

OS Proficiency

  • Windows
  • OS X
  • Ubuntu
  • Fedora