Hobby Blogging as a Rhetorician

One of the things I hope to do in this space is to work on blogging my work as a hobbyist working on various projects. As a technical writer, I see this blogging as part and parcel of my professional identity, and as a valuable contribution to my future understanding of my past decisions in my hobbies. (I’ll explain).

Currently, I’m knee-deep in working through developing a couple of games for my kids. I’ve always had an interest in games and game design, having done a lot of tinkering growing up with map editors for various games ranging from older Build Engine games to Warcraft II & III, Starcraft, and Day of Defeat: Source. With the advent of Unity, development has become even easier without having to dive into a total conversion (which I’ve attempted with the Source engine while in undergrad).

With that said, developing a game involves a lot of coding, tough decisions, and iteration. One suggestion I’ve run into over and over again for folks learning a new coding language is to blog the work you do on projects in the language. The rationale is that future you will not remember what past you was thinking when a particular piece of code was put in, and so you need to preserve this for posterity.

What I”m planning to do then is to provide blogs based on the work that I’m doing with Unity both on the coding end with C# as well as the asset development end with Asperite and other tools I’ll be using to create content for the games.

Whenever I teach writing for the web (usually Fall of even years), I tell my students that if something takes more than a few minutes for you to figure out and get working, you need to comment that into your code. I figure I should do the same thing and explain my work as I’ve gone through Unity development on these and other projects.

Now, this isn’t to say that all I’ll be blogging is Unity. Far from it. But, I expect a lot of the content will be this type of blogging.